Making Best Friends for Life

NPO for Behavior Support and Training
Providing support to individuals and organizations that oversee the care of animals


Our Mission

Constructional Approach to Animal Welfare and Training works with individuals and facilities that oversee the care of animals to ensure a high quality of life for the animals and people who care for them by providing educational content on animal behavior, care, and ways to solve behavioral problems. 

Constructional Approach to Animal Welfare and Training is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

How We Serve


Join Maasa and Sean on a thought-provoking and fun journey as we explore topics to help build mutually enjoyable relationships with our furry companions, enhance training, and explore other issues important to animal welfare and training.


We offer consultation services for individuals, groups, and organizations that oversee the care of animals. Our consultation services will help set training goals and develop programs to meet you and your furry companions' needs. 


In the CAAWT Conference, we will invite experts in animal training and the science of behavior to discuss various topics. 

We will announce the date and program for the 3rd Annual CAAWT Conference in the future!


Our CAAWT Webinar Series covers a variety of topics related to our lives with our animal companions. The topics we discuss are based on requests from our community!

All the profits from the group classes, private consultations, conferences, and webinars will fund
free programs that CAAWT offers for individuals and facilities that oversee the care of animals.

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CAAWT Membership will open on October 23rd!
Upcoming Events

CAAWT Live Stream Practice Session
11/14 (Sun) from 1:00pm (U.S. Eastern Time)
Join us at Facebook Live Stream
from our local animal shelter!

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Community Market
Coming soon!

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Community Market
Constructional Resources

Constructional Affection

This is where you can find information, videos, and resources on Constructional Affection.

Constructional Aggression Treatment

This is where you can find information and resources on Constructional Aggression Treatment.

Informational Sources

This is where you can find research publications, books, and other information related to Constructional Approach!


Fundraising: Digitalizing Critical Interviews in Behavior Analysis and Animal Training 

 [GoFundMe]On the Shoulders of Giants Co

CAAWT is currently collecting donations to help preserve over 200 interviews done by Marian and Bob Bailey - never before seen! Please click here to learn more about this amazing opportunity to preserve and delight in the history of our field!

As we digitize, we will release on our YouTube Channel - Constructional Approach to Animal Welfare and Training.

The Bailey Interviews

We released several Interviews conducted by Marian and Bob Bailey back in 90s! Please enjoy the interviews and learn from the pioneers!

Biography: The Life of Israel Goldiamond

We are pleased to bring you our first biography for the "On the Shoulder of Giants" podcast series. This biography will feature interviews with Dr. Goldiamond, his students, family, and friends. This biography will follow Dr. Goldiamond's entire life, exploring his early childhood in post-WWI Ukraine, moving to the U.S. and growing up through the roaring '20s, his contributions to the Allied efforts in WWII, his lasting impacts on those close to him, and his discoveries in the field of Behavior Analysis. 

Become a CAAWT Podcast Sponsor
 to enjoy the life of Israel Goldiamond!