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Making Best Friends for Life

NPO for Behavior Support and Training
Providing support to individuals and organizations that oversee the care of animals

Who we serve

CAAWT serves shelter staff, volunteers, the adopting families, and the dogs they care for. To reduce overcrowding and increase adoptions, we provide an effective and cost-effective method to teach dogs behaviors that help dogs get adopted and stay adopted.

What the donation be used for

Donations to CAAWT help provide free programs to support animal shelters and rescues to meet their goals. Free programs include:

  • Individualized training programs for the dogs

  • Staff and volunteer training - Learning Constructional Aggression Treatment and Constructional Affection, implementation of the Constructional Shelter Program 

  • Constructional Shelter Programs - Setting goals, pinpoints, implementing a data collection system, analyzing the data, and making revisions

  • Free 1-hour presentations to animal shelters, rescues, animal hospitals, zoos, and schools/universities aimed to provide information on easy ways individuals can make big changes in their lives of animals

  • Free consultation (group or private classes) to individuals who cannot afford training fees and struggle with behavioral problems or need support starting a new life with a newly adopted dog

  • To create content about Constructional Approach and its application to animal welfare and training that is freely available to the public. This includes podcasts, instructional videos, PDF materials, resources on the CAAWT website, etc.

Our Goal: Dogs Get Adopted and Stay Adopted
Help animals find their forever home
and build mutually enjoyable relationships with their new family.

Donate to CAAWT so that we can achieve our goal together!

For the donors in the United States, your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated!
For the donors outside the United States, we greatly appreciate your donation!


Donation form

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Thank you so much for your donation!

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