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Interaction Guidelines Poster

This poster was designed and illustrated by Lili Chin from Doggie Drawings with collaboration from Sean and Maasa. This poster is FREE to download, share, print, and distribute under these Creative Commons License Terms:

  1. Attribution — Please provide appropriate credit (including author and artist) when sharing online and distribute printed copies.

  2. Noncommercial — Please do not make money with this poster. This should be given away for free. No selling, no business/product advertising, no reprinting in books/magazines without checking with us first.

  3. No Derivative Works — Please do not edit or modify any of these materials (cropping, editing, translating, or adding logos or images) without checking with us first.

If you plan to print and/or distribute multiple copies within your organization, please consider making a PayPal donation to our nonprofit organization, CAAWT. Any amount (no matter how small) would be gratefully appreciated! All donations will fund free behavioral support and training program for individuals and organizations that cannot afford it. 

This is a visual guide for anyone interacting with “hyperactive,” “jumpy,” “mouthy,” or “scratchy” dogs who really want to interact with us but don’t know how to ask for and receive affection and interaction. Interaction Guidelines are the first step of Constructional Affection, which establishes desirable interactions between people and their dogs. These guidelines set the foundation for mutually enjoyable relationships with our precious dogs. 

*Never use this guide with dogs showing signs of fear or aggression.

We currently have English and Japanese version.

[EN Final Goal Center] Interaction_Guidelines_CAAWT_9.21.png
[JP] Interaction Guidelines (11_8_21).png
[FR Final Goal Center] Interaction_Guidelines_CAAWT_9.21.21.png

If you want to learn more about Interaction Guidelines and watch the training videos,

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