Free 1-Hour Presentation 

for animal shelters, rescues, animal hospitals, zoos, and school/university

We are now offering 1-hour presentations to animal shelters, animal hospitals, zoos, and school/university for free in English and Japanese. This program is an online event through zoom. In the presentation, we cover topics including Constructional Affection, Constructional Aggression Treatment, Constructional Shelter Programs, and more! We want to tailor our presentation to the needs of your organization. After the presentation, we have a Q&A section where we would like to answer any questions that you have. 


If your organization is interested in learning more about what we do, please reach out by filling out the form below! 

Below are the steps:

  1. Fill out the form below "Free Presentation Program Request Form" and submit

  2. We will review your request form and send you an email from this address and we will set up the day and time works best for everyone 

  3. After we set up the schedule, we will send you a document of attendance list where you and your staff/volunteers or students will sign up, if they are interested in joining us at the presentation

  4. After we receive the attendance list, we will send you a zoom meeting link

  5. Welcome the presentation day!

This free 1-hour presentation is funded by donation from the donors and all the profit CAAWT makes from other services (group classes, private consultation, conferences, and webinars).

Free 1-Hour Presentation Request Form
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