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CAAWT Online Group Class

Enhancing Efficiency:
Measurement, Data Collection, and Beyond!

Currently, registration for this class is closed.

Hello, this is Sean and Maasa! We are excited to offer this fun group class! Measurement and data collection are the heart of the science of behavior. So, let's explore pragmatic ways of conducting measurement and data collection to enhance efficiency in our training with animals!

**Constructional Approach to Animal Welfare and Training is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All the profits from the group classes will fund free programs that CAAWT offers for individuals and facilities that oversee the care of animals. For every third registration, CAAWT can provide one free spot for someone in need! 

⚫︎ Class Description

We all collect data on things important to us. For example, we collect data on our bank accounts, dietary needs, calories, weight, sleep and exercise patterns, educational progress, and so much more. Collecting data on these things allows us to know where we currently are regarding some goal and helps us chart our path towards that goal. In this group class, we will practice setting behavioral definitions, choosing desirable measures for training goals, and taking data. We will practice collecting data and testing definitions by watching videos of real animal behavior. This group class will be fun as we practice refining definitions to be more objective to sharpen our data collection!

⚫︎ Learning Objectives 

  • Given various behaviors, create behavioral definitions that include a complete movement cycle

  • Given various measurement methods (listed below), identify direct and indirect measurement of behavior, and state the reason for each

    • Frequency, rate, duration, percent correct, latency, inter-trial time, celeration

  • Given various behavioral definitions, revise them to meet criteria of being observable, measurable, includes a complete movement cycle, and examples and nonexamples  

  • Given various videos with dogs, talk aloud and decide what behaviors to measure, define and keep revising behavioral definition by doing data collection until we have 90% agreement or more

  • Given an on-going training program and data point on the graph, interpret the graph, decide on what to do in the next trial, and/or change any elements of data collection

  • Pick a behavior of your animal or yourself, make a behavioral definition, create a measurement system, and make a graph for visual analysis! 

⚫︎ Instructors

Sean Will

Sean Will, M.S.

Maasa Nishimuta.png

Maasa Nishimuta, M.S.

⚫︎ Place

The group class will be held via Zoom. You can join group classes wherever if you have secure internet. We will send you the Zoom meeting link and the detailed information via email before the first group class. If you are not familiar with Zoom, a practice session can be scheduled with Maasa before the group class so that you can be ready to learn!



⚫︎ Date and Time


⚫︎ Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the group class, please reach out to us at

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