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CAAWT Online Group Class

Constructional Aggression Treatment

Hello, this is Sean and Maasa! We are excited to welcome you to our Constructional Aggression Treatment group class! This group class is ideal for anyone concerned with fearful and aggressive behaviors that the dog you work and live with engages in or that just wants to learn more about these behaviors. This class is also ideal if you would like to learn more about Constructional Aggression Treatment. Please join us to learn how to shape fearful and aggressive behaviors into friendly interaction!

**Constructional Approach to Animal Welfare and Training is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All the profits from the group classes will fund free programs that CAAWT offers for individuals and facilities that oversee the care of animals. For every third registration, CAAWT can provide one free spot for someone in need! 

Currently, the registration for the Constructional Aggression Treatment group class is closed. When we do another group class in the future, please join us! We will announce it on our website and our social media!

⚫︎ Class Description

In this group class, we will talk about the underlying philosophy of the Constructional Approach, the functional analysis of fearful and aggressive behaviors, ways to conduct behavior assessment, and the Constructional Aggression Treatment program (Rosales-Ruiz, 2021). If you currently have a client who engages in aggressive/fearful behaviors, you can apply and implement the CAT procedure, get feedback, and continue revising the program toward your goals!


⚫︎ Learning Objectives 

  • Describe what differentiates the Constructional Approach from the Pathological Approach 

  • Given various scenarios, describe how to conduct a behavior assessment

  • Describe eight steps of the CAT program

  • Given scenarios, describe what a decoy dog/human should do based on the behaviors of the training dog

  • If interested, apply and implement the CAT procedure and receive feedback and continue revising the program toward your goals



⚫︎ Instructor

Sean Will

Sean Will, M.S.

Maasa Nishimuta.png

Maasa Nishimuta, M.S.


⚫︎ Place

The group class will be held via Zoom. You can join group classes wherever if you have secure internet. We will send you the Zoom meeting link and the detailed information via email before the first day of our group class. If you are not used to using Zoom, Maasa can have a practice session before the group class so that the participant is ready to learn in the first group class.



⚫︎ Date and Time 


⚫︎ Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the group class, please reach out to us at

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